Note: All policies are superceded by conditions indicated by the instructor, syllabus, or department.

All assignments are expected to be handed in on time. If there exists difficulties in completing the assignment you should see the instructor or the TA(s) for help. Arrangements can be made for students who are proactive about completing their assignments.
When online submissions are applicable most assignments are locally copied shortly after the submission deadline. If your submission is after the deadline (use the submission location's time reference or you should send me a note to indicate this. I won't deny credits for a matter of minutes. Problems in assignment submission should be addressed immediately by email; the assignment should be attached to an email sent to me and the instructor. Please resolve problems in submitting assignments quickly. Late submissions should be made in tandem with an email to notify me of the submitted assignment.
When religious practices and submission deadlines conflict me let me and the instructor know as soon as possible. This way arrangements can be made for all assignments.
It is recommended that you keep a copy of your submissions.

Grades will be determined based on the instructor's requirements. In situations where there exists grader discretion grading will be made on the basis of evaluation of the student's ability to demonstrate fluency within the assignment. Fluency is generally reserved for grading code and indicates the student's ability to write sensible code and functionally break apart the program; as well as the ability to code using the expected instruction set and avoidance of using out of scope high-level instructions.
Students are expected to hand in their (or their group's) own work.
Programming assignments are expected to compile and run. This does not mean that they run successfully. Code must compile and run on bingsuns using either "make" or "g++ studentcode.cpp" (a README may be suitable if neither of these methods work). Therefore, you should be careful writing code on another system and moving it to bingsuns. A number of errors may be introduced (using windows.h for example). However, if you do write code on another system, only copy your .cpp and .h files to bingsuns, do not copy the .o or other files! Be aware that bingsuns is case-sensitive!

I can be reached by email within hours in most cases. I do use AIM (delbin1) but am rarely online. Please do not expect AIM to be a suitable communication method to contact me with, however, if you do catch me on AIM, let me know that you are from class.
If I do not respond within 24 hours it is safe to assume that I failed to receive your email (barring any holiday that classes are not in session, even if they occur on a weekend). Please use the class title (for example: CS 240) in the subject line.

Regrading can occur if the instructor permits or if there is some error in the original grading. All assignments are graded twice in order to make sure they are normalized to each other. If you desire a regrade you should notify me by email that you want a regrade, what the problem is (if any), and a copy of the assignment (unless already available to me).