\ CS 240: Data Structures - Summer 2007

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CS 240: Data Structures - Summer 2007

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Course Schedule: Subject to modification!

Week 1:
Tuesday, May 29th: First class! Discussion of syllabus, course content, expectations, etc. Introduction to C++.
Thursday, May 31th: Programming language comparisons, discussion of course assignment, Introduction to coding in C++.

Week 2:
Monday, June 4th: Data representation, data manipulation
Tuesday, June 5th: Pointers, Software Development, Testing
Thursday, June 7th: Storing data (Containers), ADTs and Classes.

Week 3:
Monday, June 11th: Lab 2 (mycontainer - Sequential containers)
Tuesday, June 12th: No class!
Thursday, June 14th: Class cancelled.

Week 4:
Monday, June 18th: Lab 3 (Pseudo-Streams)
Tuesday, June 19th: Creating an ADT, Stream/File I/O, Class copying, Operators
Thursday, June 21st: Lists, Dynamic vs Static, Manipulation of

Week 5:
Monday, June 25th: Introduction to Genericity
Tuesday, June 26th: Linked Lists
Wednesday, June 27th: Review Session 4-5pm, EBQ3
Thursday, June 28th: Exam 1

Week 6: No Classes!
Monday, July 2nd: No Class
Tuesday, July 3rd: No Class
Thursday, July 5th: No Class

Week 7:
Monday, July 9th: Templating
Tuesday, July 10th: Queues and Stacks
Thursday, July 12th: Genericity and the STL

Week 8:
Monday, July 16th: Implementation of the STL and comparisons.
Tuesday, July 17th: Algorithms and their analysis
Thursday, July 19th: Recursion, Invariants, Sorting

Week 9:
Monday, July 23rd: Sorting Implementations
Tuesday, July 24th: Presentations, Hashing, Searching, Trees
Thursday, July 26th: Exam 2

Week 10:
Monday, July 30th: Tree Implementations
Tuesday, July 31st: Trees and Graphs
Thursday, August 2nd: Special Trees

Week 11:
Monday, August 6th: Tree Traversals, Graph Traversals, Balancing
Tuesday, August 7th: Special Trees
Thursday, August 9th: Final Exam