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None - Graduating soon!!

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I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the State University of New York at Binghamton. I am currently working with Professor Dmitry Ponomarev and the Computer Architecture and Power Aware Systems Research Group.
I can be reached at jloew@cs.binghamton.edu.

Binghamton ACM Chapter

As of Spring 2008, I am the graduate student representative to the Watson School's Student Advisory Committee. Any issues or concerns can be addressed to my email.

Previous Courses
CS 325 - Spring 2010
CS 325 - Fall 2009 Co-Instructor with Prof. Ponomarev
CS 325 - Spring 2009 Co-Instructor with Prof. Ponomarev
CS 597 - Fall 2007 (Loew, Wu), Co-Instructor. Office Hours: Monday 3-4 in EBT3.
CS 240 - Summer 2007: Archived here: CS 240 - Summer 2007
CS 240 - Summer 2008:

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