CS458/CS558: Introduction to Computer Security

Fall 2015

Course Information

Class Time and Place:

Aug. 31 - Dec. 15, Tuesday and Thursday 04:25 PM - 05:50 PM, Lecture Hall 004


Guanhua Yan
Office: Q11, Engineering Building
Email: ghyan (AT) binghamton.edu
Office hours: Wednesday 4-5pm, Friday 3-4pm

Teaching Assistant:

Parag Chaudhari
Office: P17, Engineering Building
Email: pchaudh2 (AT) binghamton.edu
Office hours: Tuesday 3-4pm

Course Objective

This course provides a broad introduction to computer security. Topics covered in this course may include:

Text Books: (recommended but not required)

Mark Stamp, Information Security: Principles and Practice, Second edition.

Ross Anderson, Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems, Second edition.

Course Software:

C/C++, Java, Python, and Openssl.


Course slides are available on the blackboard system.


All assignments, which will be posted on the blackboard, should be done individually. No assignment will be accepted after 48 hours from the deadline. Late assignments will be penalized 10% per day.


Assignments: 20%
Course Project: 40%
Exam 1: 20%
Exam 2: 20%

Academic Honesty:

All students should follow Student Academic Honesty Code.