CS 522  Computer Architecture and Organization
Kanad Ghose
Fall 2012

Sections 01 and 02
University Union 120
Mondays & Wednesdays 3:30 PM - 5 PM

Key Papers

Instruction Scheduling
Smith and Weiss - ISCA '84 paper on Dynamic Instruction Scheduling (945 KB)
Software Interlocking paper (333 KB)
Monica Lam - Software Pipelining paper (1203 KB)
B.R. Rau - Software Pipelining paper (1412 KB)

Implementations of Dynamic Scheduling
Palacharla, Jouppi and Smith paper on Dynamic Scheduling Logic (152 KB)
Stark, Brown and Patt paper on Pipelining Dynamic Schedulers (114 KB)

Precise Interrupts
Smith and Pleszkun paper (870 KB)
Moudgill and Vassiliadis paper (1261 KB)

Branch Prediction
Smith - ISCA '81 paper (633 KB)
McFarling and Hennessey paper (790 KB)
Pan, So and Rahmeh paper (870 KB)
Yeh and Patt paper (1222 KB)
Evers, Patel, Chappell and Patt paper (69 KB)
Seznec EV8 predictor paper (208 KB)

Papers on Memory Systems
Farkas, Chow, Jouppi, and Vranesic paper (1618 KB)
Cuppu, Jacob, Davis, and Mudge paper (388 KB)
Jacob and Mudge - VM case studies paper (228 KB)
Jacob and Mudge - VM implementation paper (263 KB)


These files are password-protected. Acrobat will ask for a password when you try to open these files. To view and print the file, use the password given out in class.

Architecture Resources
  WWW Computer Architecture Pages
SimpleScalar Simulator
Proceedings of the ACM Int'l Symposium on Computer Architecture, ACM MICRO
  Symposium, IEEE MICRO Magazine are accesible electronically at the ACM and IEEE
  sites from any campus computer. We have electronic subscriptions.

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