Pilot Research on Developing Theory and Applications of Community Generation

Sponsor: Air Force Research Laboratory

This is a three year effort of initiating a pilot research on developing the theory of community generation and its various applications in situation awareness. The ultimate goals of this effort include to advance the knowledge and the literature on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining as well as Information Fusion for Situation Awareness and to promote the knowledge dissemination and the technology awareness resulted from the research to benefit the government and the whole nation through a suite of identified applications in situation awareness and the specific applications related to homeland security.

Based on the ultimate goals stated above, this project aims at the following two specific objectives: (1) to initiate a preliminary investigation on the theoretic foundation of the problems related to community generation; and (2) to study specific applications of community generation in situation awareness by identifying a suite of important applications in homeland security.

The technical merits of this project include the advancement of the knowledge and understanding in the literature not only in the data mining area but also across a wide spectrum of areas including information fusion, pattern recognition, and machine learning. The broader impacts of this project include a wide range of applications from homeland security to economic development to life science and engineering that will be benefited from the research of this project per se as well as the knowledge disseminated from this research.

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This material is based upon the work supported by the Air Force Research Lab under project No. F30602-02-M-V020 and FA8750-04-1-0234.

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