Yu "David" Liu

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
State University of New York at Binghamton
Email: davidL at cs.binghamton.edu
Office: Q3 Engineering Building

2011 (credit: W. L.)

Yu David Liu joined the faculty of SUNY Binghamton in August 2008. His research interests include programming languages, compilers, and software engineering. Liu received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, advised by Scott Smith. He is the recipient of an NSF CAREER Award (2011) and a Google Faculty Research Award (2011). He works with a group of talented students.

Current Projects

  Energy-Aware Programming Languages and Compilers
From smartphones, laptops, wireless sensor networks, to data centers, energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a critical goal of modern computing. This project investigates how energy efficiency can be improved through programming language and compiler techniques. We are currently designing a new programming language ET with a novel type system called Energy Types, a novel energy-efficient stream programming and compilation model called Green Streams, and an energy-efficient multi-threaded language runtime called Hermes.
  Multi-Core and Many-Core Software
Multi-core and many-core CPUs have become the norm not the exception of today's computation platforms. This project is aimed at improving the quality of software running on these architectures. Our current efforts take the two-pronged approach ranging from programming language design and program analysis, including the design of the Coqa programming language with the attractive feature of pervasive atomicity, and the design of the program analysis tool Cypress for rediscovering locality information latent in multi-core software.

Recent Work


  • CS571: Programming Languages, Section II (Fall 2013)
  • CS680P: Energy-Aware Programming Languages (Spring 2013)
  • CS476/576: Programming Models for Emerging Platforms (Spring 2014)